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RelaxationWhen I was first introduced to it, I didn’t know what hypnosis was. You may have some questions about it yourself.

What it is

Hypnosis is about bypassing that critical, conscious voice that is there for all of us and going directly to your subconscious mind. It’s astounding what’s possible when you get past the conscious mind. It allows you to get past problems and roadblocks and get to what you really want.
We know that our bodies, minds and spirits are integrally connected. Hypnosis acknowledges this and can be used to support physical changes and goals, as well as improved mindset, self-esteem, and more.

What it isn’t

It isn’t about controlling you or your mind. You may have visions of making people do silly things in front of a crowd – I know I did! Hypnotherapy is not “mind-control” but a tool to aid you in solving your problems and improving your life.

What it’s like

Hypnosis is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Like a meditation, it just feels really, really good, like a wonderful “time out.” Who couldn’t use one of those!?

What massage is for your body, hypnosis is for your mind.

I find it to be such an amazing, transformational tool for people. Are you curious? Sign up for an introductory 60-minute session.

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