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Choosing wellness in body, mind, and spirit.


Blue head shotHealth has always been important to me. It’s through a series of experiences with my loved ones and myself that I was driven to find better options for getting and staying healthy.

I was in my twenties when I met the man who would become my husband. That week, he was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That was my introduction to the world of cancer and medicine.

When my daughter was one year old, she stopped walking. She was diagnosed with an infection in her hip, and we went to more doctors.

In 2011, when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I started looking for better answers. My research led me to my doctor in Minneapolis, and I was exposed to both conventional and alternative medical options.

The lesson I learned from these experiences is that you have to take control and responsibility for your healthcare and your health decisions.

I decided to take control of my healthcare and my family.

Since then, I have participated in numerous training courses, and become a certified Hypnotherapist. I am also a representative for Sisel – the best toxic-free product manufacturer in the world.

I continue to be passionate about finding better options and educating other people so they can have the opportunity to take control of their own health and make better choices.

I believe that there is always a choice. Our lives are a series of choices, and they determine the quality of the life you live.

coverThe Book

I met Jack Canfield in 2010, and was stirred by his Success Principles. When given the opportunity to become an author in partnership with him, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a chance to look at choices I’ve made, and encourage others to make choices that support their future dreams. To live a bigger life in a healthy way.

I love the name “The Soul Of Success” because I have learned that “Soul” is at the root of any success. You have to be in the game spiritually, as well as physically and mentally. They are all connected.

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