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New Season, New Choices

I am so happy that fall is here in all her splendid glory! It signals change, expansion. and transformation, and I am so energized by the beauty of the changes Mother Nature reveals to us day by day. I read a great quote by Tama Kieves the other day that I found to be so inspiring and captures my love of this season.

“I used to feel sad when trees lost their leaves. Now I see it as a time of abundance and power. The trees drop their leaves because they have reached the pinnacle of their expression, and now they are willing to reach further. Autumn is a festival of casting off high notes and prior growth- and an unmistakable invitation to a new life.”

What a great reminder for us to let go of what we have outgrown, those leaves that have “reached the pinnacle of their expression.” What are the things you have outgrown this year that you are ready to let go of? Where I live in the great, cold north, so many people equate fall with the coming of winter, and they complain and remember what they dislike about winter- shoveling snow, cold weather, high heating bills,… But, I feel that this is not a time to plan our hibernation and hunker down in anticipation of winter. This time of change in our physical environment is a perfect time to make some new choices for ourselves, to embrace the idea that we have “an unmistakable invitation to new life” just waiting for us to RSVP.

I’ve been contemplating change and choice a lot recently, as I have had many changes in my life over the past few years. I’ve asked myself so many questions- like why is change so hard sometimes? Why do we resist it, even when we are unhappy, bored, dissatisfied, unfulfilled or even downright miserable? Why do we feel like our lives are not within our control? Or is that just me???

I have been very intrigued with the concept of ‘CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” It’s such a simple and attractive concept. SO straightforward. I believe that our thoughts can change our lives, but how do we go about that?

Change and choice are similar concepts, but to change our thoughts in order to change our lives, we must first make new CHOICES. Choice is the driver of the process. Choice is like a magnet, drawing us forward to our emergent future. The reality is that change is going to occur whether we are directing it or not, so why not orchestrate our own changes by using our power of decision and choice. Has anyone besides me ever not made a choice or a decision only to find that someone else made it for you?

Making new choices can be easy, and I love Raymond Charles Barker’s 3 step process:
1. Know what you want. Clarity is very important, If you are unsure about what you desire, what you will attract to you is more indecision and not-being-sure. You can have and be what you want, but you must decide.
2. Decide you shall have it Decree your intention with conviction and know that it will happen. All of the forces of the Universe are there to assist you. Have faith that it is done.
3. Take action in that direction. Even small steps in the direction of your dream will move you closer. You don’t have to know how it will happen, but just lean into it.

When I took sailing lessons this summer, I learned how just adjusting the tiller and sail by about 5% is all it takes to completely alter the course of the boat. The change may be imperceptible at first, but after getting further across the lake it became obvious that just that small shift changed the destination and the course of the sailboat. Life is much the same for us. New choices, small changes, adjustments and tweaking can add up to bigger changes for us. Fall is a good time for us to adjust our sails and alter our course in the direction of our dreams. I invite you to hear that “invitation to new life” that Tama Kieves referred to, and make some new choices today!